WesScholar has moved!

WesScholar, a permanent home for the innovative work of our community, including student theses and dissertations and faculty scholarly and creative outputs, is an essential piece of the library’s support for scholarly communications. Over the past year, the Library and ITS worked to update and improve WesScholar, and move it to a new locally supported … Read more

Improved Online Course Reserve to support teaching and learning for Fall 2020

Library staff have implemented a new online course reserve system to support this fall’s diversity of teaching modalities and need for digital-only reserve materials. The system provides easy access on any device to text and audio visual course resources (including library e-content, web-content and faculty-uploaded material) through Moodle, a direct link in a syllabus, or … Read more

How to Move Your Shark

Transporting very large, yet delicate, objects is a never-ending challenge for museums and art installers, and, it turns out, a continuing point of fascination for consumers of print media. The cover page for the March 25, 1876, The Illustrated Christian Weekly ran a cover illustration depicting the in-progress installation of an enormous basking shark in … Read more