WesScholar has moved!

WesScholar, a permanent home for the innovative work of our community, including student theses and dissertations and faculty scholarly and creative outputs, is an essential piece of the library’s support for scholarly communications. Over the past year, the Library and ITS worked to update and improve WesScholar, and move it to a new locally supported platform. As of July 1, 2020, the migration has been completed. Now, all of the works previously found at wesscholar.wesleyan.edu have been moved to https://digitalcollections.wesleyan.edu/.

We are very excited about the new platform and its features, which include:

  • Full text searching
  • Ability to view the PDF of the document in browser without the need to download
  • Ability to view multiple formats including audio and video in browser
  • Ability to add and view supplemental files easily regardless of file type
  • Assigning DOIs (persistent links)

As a part of this project, we have moved to an approach of continual improvement for WesScholar. Upcoming additions include:

  • The 2020 submissions of undergraduate honors theses, Masters theses, and dissertations
  • Ability for faculty to self-submit materials easily, including via DOI

While the majority of theses and dissertations are open to anyone with an internet connection, some are restricted to only the Wesleyan community. To access these, go to https://digitalcollections.wesleyan.edu/login and login with your Wesleyan credentials.

Visit our website for more information on WesScholar. If you have any questions about WesScholar, please email wesscholar@wesleyan.edu.