Hidden Volumes / Living Tones: Music in Olin Library

The Music Library is pleased to add a number of scores by Jin Hi Kim, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music, to our collection.  The compositions are based on her Living Tones philosophy, derived from the characteristic of Korean tone quality (sigimse).   In celebration of this acquisition, we have invited Jin Hi Kim to give a talk both about Living Tones and the electric komungo (a Korean stringed instrument) at 6 pm on Saturday, February 1.  Afterwards, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music Nadya Potemkina and Aliya Ultan will perform Kee Maek, one of the pieces from the collection.

Earlier in the afternoon, musicians will explore music improvisation within the Olin stacks from 12 noon to 6 pm, using a collaborative framework created by Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music Paula Matthusen.  All are welcome to come and go throughout the day.

More information about Jin Hi Kim:

Undefined Spaces (Jin Hi Kim’s background and an electric komungo demonstration)

Jin Hi Kim’s full playlist