Utagawa Yoshitora, Woman in a Blue Kimono Holding Child Looking at Peonies, 19th Century

I have always been astonished at the beautiful, colorful Ukiyo-e prints in the Davison Art Center’s collection. Ukiyo-e prints, or “pictures from the floating world,” were produced during the Edo Period in Japan (1603–1868 CE). Utagawa Yoshitora (1798–1861) worked during the late Edo Period and is known for his vivid imagination and his eclectic depictions … Read more

World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

October 27th might not strike you as a particularly special date, but for audiovisual archivists around the world it certainly is. World Day for Audiovisual Heritage–proclaimed in 2005 by the United Nations and celebrated every October 27th since –is a day of awareness for the vast, fragile historical and cultural record captured on audio, video, … Read more

William Hogarth’s “Strolling Actresses Dressing in a Barn”

Wesleyan’s Davison Art Center has an extensive collection of prints by British artist and satirist William Hogarth (1697–1764). Hogarth’s prints are visually complex, with each intricate detail a pointed commentary on eighteenth-century British society. Hogarth’s frank and bawdy prints were often produced in series and can be read both as a history of British society … Read more