Postcards from a Pandemic

It’s been just over a year since the University Archives first asked for your experiences related to COVID-19. Thank you to all those who responded – we’ve been slowly adding all the submissions to our Digital Collections!

We have a new project aimed at the whole Wesleyan community to learn what this year has been like.

Postcards from a Pandemic aims to help future students and researchers understand what it was like to be a member of the Wesleyan community (student, faculty, and staff!) during the COVID-19 pandemic. Write them a note and tell them about how life has changed, or how it has stayed the same. What you’ve struggled with, or where you’ve found joy. Or maybe something else altogether. Your postcard will become a primary source account of this unprecedented moment, giving future generations a glimpse into life during a global pandemic.

Postcards (blank ones for the artistically inclined, as well as new archival image options) are available outside Special Collections & Archives in Olin Library, though you’re also welcome to use one of your own postcards. Write your message, then drop it in the dropbox outside SC&A, deliver it to SC&A in person, or mail your postcard to us (Special Collections & Archives, 252 Church St., Middletown, CT 06457)! We will also be around campus over the next few weeks to collect responses. If you aren’t on campus and want a postcard to return, get in touch at, and we can send you a postcard.

Please share this call with your students and consider participating yourself. The more voices that participate the richer the portrait of what it’s been like this year will be.

What story will you tell?