Report on the library’s ongoing equity and justice work

In July 2020, Wesleyan Library formed five staff teams to examine how we could fight systemic racism and promote social justice in our organization and daily work, and contribute to a more equitable and just Wesleyan campus and global community.  Below are highlights from the initiatives we’ve undertaken this past year and the next steps … Read moreReport on the library’s ongoing equity and justice work

Beyond Repair: Gankogui

The gankogui is a metal percussion instrument from the Ewe people in Ghana. It is made of two metal bells – one large and one small – fused together at the neck where a long thin handle is attached. Like many other metal tools in Ghanaian society, it is crafted by a blacksmith, who sources the material from scrap metal from cars, broken farm tools such as hoes and machetes, and even from other broken gankoguis.

Ephemera in Special Collections & Archives: The Newtonian system of philosophy by Tom Telescope

Enlightenment ideas about science and philosophy take center stage in this small book of lectures presented to children by a boy called Tom Telescope, the “little philosopher.”  The pseudonymous Tom explains complex concepts through conversation and demonstration with “familiar objects, in an entertaining manner, for the use of young ladies and gentlemen,” as made clear in the publication’s subtitle.